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Pro Local Interior Design With Graham's & Son

Discover What Your Local Interior Design Team Can Do!

Window Treatments

To get started choosing your window treatments, select from a variety of styles! Graham’s will do a complimentary in-home consultation, take measurements, order, and even install your new window coverings if you like. You can get window automation added, and your local interior design team can even find window coverings to fit odd-shaped windows and large windows or doors. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Graham’s provides complete renovation services, starting with design and ending with the installation. Choose from new cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and décor to transform your kitchen and /or bathroom into aesthetically-pleasing rooms. Graham’s will do your renos while respecting your budget and your schedule. Plus, they’ll do the clean-up! 

Upholstery & Refinishing

Tired of your furniture but not ready to replace it altogether? Consider reupholstering or refinishing your furniture. You can visit Graham’s showroom and select new materials for your current furniture and even coordinate your new furniture with drapes and cushions and other interior décor! You can totally personalize your home to reflect your personality and style.


Selecting the right flooring for the rooms in your home depends both on the type of room and your preferences. Tile and vinyl is preferred for bathroom and kitchens while carpet or wood flooring (real wood or engineered wood) is best suited to living rooms and bedrooms. Contact Graham’s, your local interior design team, to learn about your options and what the benefits of each are so you invest wisely.

Choose Graham's For Your Local Interior Design

Since 1975, Graham’s has been serving their loyal clientele in and among the Tri-Cities of Cambridge, Kitchener,  and Waterloo. They are a local, family business who continues to thrive and supports Canadian products. 

Read our testimonials, view our gallery, and discover how Graham’s can make a difference in your home or office space!