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How To Fix Stuck Blinds: 5 Issues & Solutions

Would you like to learn how to fix stuck blinds without having to call in an expert? In this blog, Graham’s & Son will help you learn how to fix stuck blinds. Here is summary of what will be covered in this post:

There are several reasons a blind will get stuck and sometimes the solutions are quite simple to do on your own. There does come a time, though, when your blinds may be beyond a simple fix and require the expertise of a professional. If you are looking for advice on any type of window treatments, contact Graham’s & Son today for a free in-home consultation. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Keep reading and Graham's will help you learn how to fix stuck blinds.

How To Fix Stuck Blinds


There are several different reasons blinds get stuck. Maybe the blinds won’t go up, maybe the blinds won’t go down, or maybe you have a stuck blind cord.

We’ve put together a number of the most common reasons this happens and the simple step-by-step solutions to fix these issues. For more tips and quick fixes for problems with blinds, you may also like to check out our blog “My Blinds Won’t Go Up – What to Do.

cordless blinds

Learning how to fix stuck blinds can save you money, but contact Graham's for expert help.

Problem #1

Problem: My Blinds Are Stuck Because They Weren’t Properly Raised or Lowered

Sometimes your blinds will get stuck because they haven’t been properly raised or lowered. The following steps will tell you how to properly raise and lower your blinds.

Solution: Pull the cord at a 45-degree angle


  1. Fully open the slats. Never try to lower or raise your blinds when the slats are in the closed position.
  2. Pull the wand or cord directly toward the centre of the blind, making a 45-degree angle. You should hear a clicking sound when the locking mechanism releases.
  3. Slowly release the tension on the cord, maintaining the 45-degree angle, and the blind will begin to lower.
  4. Once your blind has been lowered to the desired position, move the cord back towards the vertical position and give a slight pull downwards. You should hear the locking mechanism engage and stop the movement.
  5. To raise your blinds, pull the cord at a 45-degree angle toward the centre of the blind, continuing to pull until you have reached the desired height.
  6. Move the cord back towards the vertical position and give a slight pull downwards.


  • Do not pull the cord away from the blind as you are lowering or raising it. Keep it close to the slats.
  • If you have a larger or heavier wooden blind, it may be a good idea to gently support the centre of your blind with your free hand as you are raising it.

Note: Some styles of blinds have slightly different methods for raising and lowering. Always make sure that you read your manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation before trying to raise or lower your blinds.

The following video demonstrates how to properly raise and lower blinds as well as how to open and close the slats with a two cord system.

Learn how to properly raise and lower blinds to prevent a stuck blind cord.

Problem #2

Problem: My Blinds Are Stuck and Won’t Lower Even When I Pull Them At A 45-Degree Angle

Sometimes your blinds just seem to be stuck and will not lower even though you are pulling on the cord at a 45-degree angle.

Solution: Release the tension


  1. Release the tension on the blinds by turning the wand that opens and closes the slats.
  2. Allow the blinds to completely fall to their full length.
  3. Now try pulling on the cord at a 45-degree angle to raise them to the desired height.

The following video demonstrates the process described in the steps above.

Watch the video to see how to fix blinds that are stuck.

Problem #3

Problem: My Lift Cords Are Stuck Or Jammed

Sometimes the problem isn’t that the blind is stuck, but instead that the lift cords are stuck or jammed. If this is the case, try the following solution.

Solution: Check the Cordlock Mechanism


  1. Take a look at the cords and moveable pin in the cordlock mechanism located inside the headrail of the blind.
  2. Make sure that the cords can move freely.
  3. If the cords are stuck or jammed, take a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers and move the pin to free the cords.

cordlock mechanism

Check the manufacturer's instructions if you cannot locate the cordlock mechanism.

Problem #4

Problem: My Lift Cords Are Bunching by the Safety Cord Connector

Some blinds are equipped with a safety cord connectors that act as a stopper to prevent inner cords from being pulled through the blind, causing entanglement.

Solution: Straighten Lift Cords


  1. Make sure that the slats on your blinds are fully opened.
  2. Raise and lower the blind to straighten the lift cords.

safety cord connectors

Check safety cord connectors to see if bunching is occurring here.

Problem #5

Problem: My Cordless Blinds Get Stuck When I Raise Them Because The Slats Are Not Stacking Evenly And Are Falling Over The Bottom Rail

This is a common problem when cordless blinds are raised too quickly.

Solution: Give a gentle pull


  1. Gently pull the blinds back down to the lowest position.
  2. Gradually raise the bottom rail to give the lift cords inside the blind sufficient time to retract.
  3. Your slats should then stack evenly on the bottom rail.

Keep cordless blinds looking fabulous with these tips for how to fix stuck blinds.

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