Enjoy Practical, Cost-Effective Blinds in Cambridge

Your window treatments could use some refurbishment. Whether they’ve simply become faded or discoloured with age or they’ve become damaged with overuse, they no longer contribute to your home’s aesthetic. Instead, they make it look outdated.

Contact Graham’s and Son Interiors to install new blinds in your Kitchener or Cambridge home. We have served the are a since 1975, so we understand how much attractive, durable, and long-lasting window treatments matter to our clients. We have experience with all aspects of interior decorating and design, so we’ll do everything we can to help you find the perfect blinds for your home.

Reap the Benefits of Quality Blinds

Our window treatments include wood and faux wood blinds, shutters, verticals, and pleated, cellular, and alternative shades. No matter which window treatment you choose, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Durability: Count on our high-quality blinds to weather wear and tear for many years.
  • Energy efficiency: Our blinds prevent exterior temperatures from affecting interior ones, leading to energy savings for you.
  • Soundproofing: Each of our window treatments blocks noise from travelling through your windows.
  • Privacy: Blinds prevent neighbours and passersby from watching your activities.
  • Light control: You won’t have to wear a sleep mask if you want to relax or nap during the day.

We also aim to save you money with cost-effective blind solutions and free at-home consultations. Once we assess your window-treatment needs, we’ll give you a free estimate on replacements.

We’ll Bring the Blinds from Our Cambridge Showroom to Your Door

If you need new blinds for your Cambridge home, call (519) 658-9025 to schedule your consultation. We will bring a selection of blinds from our Cambridge showroom straight to your home. We will work with you to find the best blinds for each of your rooms. This consultation is completely free, and you are under no obligation to proceed; we want to work with you to test out your options and give your room the exact look you desire.

Real wood blinds in a Kitchener home

Wood Blinds

Our selection of hand-picked North American hardwood comes with a gorgeous palette of finishes, stains, and paints. These blinds turn any room into a masterpiece.

Vertical Blinds

A simple way to provide easily adjustable levels of light and privacy, our wide range of vertical blinds are ideal for large windows and exterior doors.

We also carry a range of shades that may be better suited to you. The primary difference between blinds and shades is that a blind is made of a hard material (i.e. wood, vinyl, or faux wood) and are comprised of slats attached to one another. While shades are soft (i.e. cloth or fabric) and are comprised of one continuous roll.

faux wood blinds pic 3

Faux Wood Blinds

We also offer stylish wood alternatives. Our faux blinds come in a wide range of stains and paints, and they resist high humidity. We can coordinate colours with other blinds in your home.


Also known as Honeycomb blinds, this type of pleated shade provides an additional level of insulation within your rooms, through the pockets of air they create. This design is also very compact, offering an unobstructed view when pulled back.


Appearing smooth and flat while open, these shades are very powerful in blocking the sun, but retract much like a set of blinds, compressing on top of themselves to let light in as desired.

Please visit our shades section to learn more about the full array of blinds alternatives that we have available to you.

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