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Roman Shades

Roman Shades have a vast selection of fabrics that will enhance any décor. Our collections of drapery style fabrics are every designers dream. Liners are optional from dim-out to blackout.

We carry both hobbled roman shades as well as flat fold roman shades. Fabric roman shades are made with even sections of fabric or pleats sewn horizontally. Hobbled fold roman shades have excess fabric between each pleat which gathers when the roman shades are closed. A flat fold roman shade is made with the exact length of fabric between each pleat so when the shades are closed, the fabric lays flat.

Roman Shades add a classic look to your windows. Because they are fabric shades, the color choices can be endless making them a great way to accent the colors in your decor.

Some of the upgrades available for roman shades include cordless, top down bottom up, and hobbled fold.