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Home Renovation Grants Cambridge

Home Renovation Grants Cambridge – Did you know that there are home renovation grants incentive programs available in Cambridge, Ontario? If you are looking to complete a home renovation in the Cambridge area, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these grants that could help you and your family. To learn more about home renovations, contact the experts at Graham’s & Son now! 

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Home Renovation Grants Cambridge

Downtown Hespeler in Cambridge; Image source:

Home renovation grants and incentives can help you achieve your dreams of a home renovation. They can also help you complete much-needed fixes and repairs. See below to learn more about these programs available to Cambridge residents as well as all Region of Waterloo residents.

In order to best understand these grants and loans, we will define some of the less-common terms below. 

Grant – A sum of money given by another person or organization (for example, the government) that you do not have to pay back.
Loan – A sum of money given by another person or organization that you do have to pay back. Some loans have high interest, while others offer low interest or none at all. 
Heritage Home – Older homes and properties that are designated by the City. You can learn more about Heritage Homes in Cambridge here
Brownfield – Land that is not currently used or is underused and has the potential to be redeveloped. Brownfields were used in the past for industrial or commercial purposes and have left behind pollution. A Contaminated Site is a type of Brownfield property. Learn more about Brownfields here.

Core Area Incentives – Cambridge

There is a focus on restoring and growing Cambridge’s downtown core area. This is due to the historical significance as well as showing the great quality of life in the city. Because of this focus, the Core Area Revitalization Program was born in 1997 and continues to create incentives today. Cambridge’s three core areas include: 

The Revitalization Program is not just one single program – it is actually a collection of many projects. See below to learn more about each program. 



Fee Exemption Programs are part of the Core Area Revitalization Program. The following are included in the Fee Exemption Program:

  • Sign permit fee exemption
  • Development charges exemption
  • Building permit fee exemption
  • Development application fee exemption

SourceCambridge Incentives encourages those interested in any of the programs listed above to contact them to find out more information. 



Another type of program under the Core Area Revitalization Programs are grants and loans. There are currently three available grants under this program. 

  • Building Revitalization Program – Click the link to view the application for the Building Revitalization and to see if you are eligible for the program. The application allows you to apply for both interior and exterior improvements to your home or property. 
  • Design Guide Program – Click the link to learn more about the Design Guide Program. The Design Guide Program offers a grant to help homeowners get funding for professional designs. 
  • Contaminated Site Grants – Click the link to learn more about the Contaminated Site Grants and to view the application. These grants are available for all new development in the core areas and include residential, commercial, industrial, and more. 


City Wide Incentives – Cambridge

Map of Cambridge; image source:

Although there is a focus on the three core areas of Cambridge, there are also city-wide incentives and grants available to all Cambridge residents. See below to learn more. 



To help heritage properties remain in good condition, the City of Cambridge has two programs for developing and renewing heritage properties. 

  • Development Charge Allowance – Includes information about allowances given for specific situations, such as those who own Heritage buildings, those who need cleanup of a contaminated site, and more. 
  • Heritage Grant Program – Owners of designated heritage properties may be eligible for grants to aid conservation and restoration work. 



The City of Cambridge offers financial assistance to help with the renewal of contaminated sites. 

  • Development Charge Allowance – Includes information about allowances given for specific situations, such as those who need help with the cleanup of contaminated sites, owners of heritage properties, and more.
  • Tax Increment Grant – The City of Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo offer the Tax Increment Grant to help property owners with the remediation of and redevelopment of “brownfield sites.”


Region of Waterloo Home Renovation Loan

View of Waterloo, Ontario; image source: User: ʄɭoʏɗiaɲ from Wikipedia 

As Cambridge is part of the Region of Waterloo, if you are a Cambridge resident you may be eligible for funding for home repairs. You may get up to $25,000 in forgivable loans offered by the Region of Waterloo. With the loan, you can do two things:

  • Keep your home in good repair 
  • Add accessibility features to your home (such as ramps or alarms) 

To apply for this loan, you must complete the application form found on the Region of Waterloo website, and send it in by email, fax, or mail. Your eligibility will be based on your income as well as the value of your home (must be worth $403,635 or less). 


Grants Help Grow Our Community

Home improvement grants are not just great for individual homeowners but for the community as a whole. For example, grants that focus on contaminated sites help to clean up our city and keep it safer for existing residents and new families moving in. Othe programs, such as the core area incentives or heritage building grants ensure the historic buildings of Cambridge remain in good shape and help to continually develop and improve these ageing areas. Check out the quick video below to see some of the beautiful historic buildings of Cambridge! Grants and incentives help these buildings stay beautiful and functional for the public.




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Graham’s  & Son is proud to service the Camrbridge and Waterloo Region! We can help you transform your house into the home of your dreams – including your heritage home. At Graham’s & Son, we specialize in a variety of home renovations, window treatments and installation, new flooring, and more! 


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