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8 Stylish Window Treatments

With Spring around the corner, people are sprucing up their homes and may be looking for new window treatments. This next blog from Graham’s & Son Interiors will show off 8 great options to create a fresh look. View the list below to jump directly to that item or keep reading for 2023 inspiration. 

1. Roman Shades

Modern Roman Shades offer a clean and fresh look for any room. The picture above shows the shades in the colour jewelstone kyanite, but the fabrics come in a wide variety of colours. These shades help insulate a room and can come in different opacities to filter light or darken a room. You also get your choice of fold sizes, either a 4″ full fold or a 6″ flat fold. 

2. Drapes 

Window Treatments in shades of pink (seen above) are a popular trend in 2023, particularly warm colour shades. Drapes are generally made from thicker and richer materials and provide contrast in a room. They can be light filtering or room darkening. Drapes can be custom-made from your choice of material and further customized with hardware, pinch pleats, grommets, etc. This picture shows how drapes can be coordinated with other treatments such as Roman Shades.

3. Curtains

Custom Curtains

While people often use the words drapes and curtains interchangeably, curtains generally refer to window treatments that use lighter materials. Drapes are often floor-length while curtains are cut to fit the window. You may feel as if curtains are going out of style but according to Letc, curtains are also trending in 2023. As with drapes, you can also customize curtains with your own choice of material and hardware. If you wish to filter light, choose a lightweight material. Contact Graham’s to see their selection of fabrics! 

4. Plantation Shutters

These wood shutters from Graber are called plantation shutters because of their larger louvre size of 3 1/2″ (louvres are the individual horizontal panels of wood). Plantation shutters can also be ordered in a 4 1/2″ size as well. They look amazing on larger windows and doors and can be closed or opened for unobstructed views. With minimalist styles still trending (think Scandinavian and Japanese styles), this natural look of wood shutters is a perfect new look. 

5. California Shutters

California Shutters Design Ideas

California shutters are similar to plantation shutters, but they have smaller louvre sizes which are generally 2 ½” in width. They can be used for small or large windows. You can find shutters made from wood or poly-silk from Maxxmar. California shutters look sophisticated and offer you a lot of control over light. Learn more about the benefits of California Shutters in another one of our blogs called California Shutters: Discover the Benefits.

6. Cellular Shades

BetterFit Cellular Shades, like the ones featured in the picture above from Maxxmar, are a great option because they are perfectly fitted into your window frame and they move with windows and doors whether they are opened or closed. You also get better privacy because there are no gaps along the sides of your window. This window treatment is an excellent option for European-style windows which open inwards.

7. Solar Shades

For rooms with high sun exposure, solar shades, like these from Graber, are a good option. They protect furniture from UV ray damage, reduce glare, and are energy-efficient. They keep you comfortable and cool. Plus, Graber’s UltraLite Lift System makes them easy to control. All you need is a light touch to lift or lower your shades – no struggling or pulling to open and close your shades.

8. Sunset Shades

Let the sunshine in but keep harmful UV rays out with these energy-efficient shades from Maxxmar. You’ll get a sleek look and have plenty of designer fabrics and colours to choose from. Plus, you get child-safe motorization options like MaxxMotor or Somfy. These motorization options allow you to control your shades with a remote, tablet or smartphone!

Graham's & Son Interiors

This is just a sample of the many window treatments you can choose for freshening up your home this Spring. Feel free to browse Graham’s gallery to see all of its offerings. Graham’s & Son Interiors will personally come to your home for a consultation or you can even visit their staff at the showroom and do some browsing. 

Graham’s is a locally-owned family business that cares about its customers. They will consult with you, order materials, install window treatments and make sure you are satisfied with the results. Contact Graham’s to get started with your new window treatments and take advantage of their Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We needed something (shutters) custom and unusual for our window, we called a few places with no luck, found Graham’s and Son Interiors. They worked with us and we got exactly what we hoped for. Great customer service. We would definitely go back and recommend to our friends and family."
– Debbie Wurm
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