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Bathroom Renovations – How Much Do They Cost: Sinks & Vanities


A new bathroom is closer financially than ever before, especially now that you have a better understanding of the costs involved.  In part five of this eight-part series, “Bathroom Renovations: How Much Do They Cost,” we will be looking specifically at the cost of sinks and vanities. In the previous posts, we have talked about flooring and shower choices and bathtubs. In the final two posts, we will consider toilets, lighting choices, and wall coverings. If you’re looking for more advice for your bathroom renovation, contact Graham’s & Son. We will bring samples to your home and give you a free consultation and answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

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Bathroom Renovations – How Much Do They Cost?

On average, a 5′ by 10′ bathroom in Canada, could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $16,000 to renovate, according to Canadian Home Trends.  The cost includes the designing, planning, supplies, and installation of the new bathroom. If you are renovating a bathroom in a condominium, you could expect to pay about 30% more because of the restrictions imposed by condo rules and existing building design. So, renovating a condominium bathroom could cost from $13,000 to $20,800.

bathroom renovations how much do they cost

Part 5: Sinks & Vanities

When it comes to a bathroom, there are four major components: the shower, the bathtub, the toilet, and the sink. If you have all four components then your bathroom is considered a full bath, 3 of the 4 components means it is a three-quarter bath, 2 components is a half bath and one component is a quarter bath. We will be considering the final component, the sink, which often includes a vanity.

How Much Do Sinks & Vanities Cost?

If your bathroom sink has developed a leak or if you are just tired of the look of it, it may be time to think about replacing it. There are so many styles and types to choose from when it comes to bathroom sinks and vanities. The price range is just as broad as well. You can choose anything from a simple $50 wall-hung sink to a custom-crafted cabinet sink vanity for as much as $5,000. There really isn’t a perfect sink. Your choice should be determined by your budget and your personal preference or taste.

Types of Sinks & Vanities

Wall-Mounted Sink:

wall-mounted sink
Source: Nameeks Scarabeo 5001 – One Hole Teorema Ceramic SinkPrice: $448

A wall-mounted sink, as its name suggests, is a very basic sink that is mounted with special hanger brackets to the bathroom wall behind the sink. It is the least expensive type of sink and is often found in older homes and apartments. Even though it is usually very basic, there are higher-quality and fashionable designs available as well that cost much more.

Price Range: $50 – $700


Pedestal Sink:

pedestal sink
Source: Roosevelt Vitreous China 19″ Pedestal Sink from Wayfair Price: $266

A Pedestal sink has a classic yet elegant design where the sink appears to be sitting on a supporting pedestal. Sometimes this is actually the case, whereas with other designs the sink is actually mounted to the wall behind and the pedestal merely appears to be supporting it. With both designs, the plumbing drains and water supply lines are usually hidden inside the pedestal.

Price Range: $200 to $900

Vessel Sink and Vanity:

vessel sink and vanity
Source: Single Vanity Bathroom set with Vessel Sink from Wayfair –          Price: $1,680

The vessel sink is one of the latest trends in bathroom fixtures and often is an actual piece of art for your bathroom. It consists of a sink that sits on top of a countertop. The countertop is usually attached to a vanity or sometimes to an antique dresser or side table to make a real artistic statement. The vessel sink is simply an object that collects the water poured from the faucet. This requires a special faucet that is either deck mounted on a pedestal or mounted directly on the wall.

Price Range: $600-$2,000

Framed Sink:

A framed sink, also known as a rimmed sink, is a sink which is installed into a vanity countertop. The sink is often made of porcelain-enamel coating bonded to a cast-iron or pressed-steel core and is surrounded by a metal “frame”. They are usually found in older homes, apartments, or inexpensive homes.

Price Range: $40 – $200 for sink only

Drop-In Sink:

drop in sink
Source: Colony 4 inch Countertop Sink Basin from Home DepotPrice: $74.98

A drop-in sink is similar to a framed sink because they drop into a hole in a vanity countertop. The main difference is that they have a built-in lip that is larger than the hole in the countertop, unlike the framed sink that uses a separate frame around the outer rim of the sink. These types of sinks are generally found in both older and newer homes. They can be installed into plastic, laminate, stone, ceramic tile, or synthetic countertops.

Price Range: $35 – $200

Undermount Sink:

undermount sink
Source: Ove Decors Trent Antique Black Double Undermounted Sink & Birch Vanity from LowesPrice: $1,635

This type of sink mounts from the underside of the countertop. Undermount sinks are a premium style of sink and are usually found in newer homes or remodeled ones. The sink itself is slightly larger than the opening of the counter. This creates a slight lip over the sink basin. They need to be installed into a solid surface countertop like stone or a synthetic composite top. The sink itself is generally made of copper, stainless steel, composite resin, porcelain-enameled cast iron, or vitreous china.

Price Range: $300 – $5,000

Vanity Cabinets:

There are many different styles of vanities to support almost any type of bathroom sink except for pedestal sinks. The combinations are really almost endless. The cabinets conceal the plumbing and offer extra storage space. They can be made from a wide variety of materials including plastic laminate, ceramic tile, solid-surface or synthetic stone, or natural granite or quartz. Their designs can range from traditional to modern to contemporary.

Traditional Style Vanity

traditional vanity
Source: Bedrock Double Bathroom Vanity Base from WayfairPrice: $1,900

Modern Vanity

modern vanity
Source: Cutler Light Gray Woodgrain, White Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cultured Marble top from Lowes Price: $769

Contemporary Vanity

contemporary vanity
Source: Cutler Urban Vanity Double Bowl from Wayfair Price: $1,646


Beautiful Bathrooms by Graham’s & Son

Graham’s & Son has been in the interior design business in Cambridge, Ontario for more than 40 years. We are locally owned and operated and we specialize in all types of renovations including bathrooms. We offer free, in-home consultations and will take the time to listen to your ideas and dreams for your new bathroom. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom in the near future, contact the interior design professionals at Graham’s & Son to book your free in-home consultation.

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