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Patio Door Shutters by Graham's & Son

At Graham’s & Son Interiors, we offer the best patio door shutters Kitchener has to offer! We have a wide range of shutters available for patio doors of any shape and size. Our shutters are custom-made to suit your unique wants and needs!

When you choose to work with Graham’s & Son, you can rely on our experience and expertise. We have over 40 years of experience helping our customers get the perfect window and door coverings for their home.

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1. Wooden Patio Door Shutters 
2. Vinyl Patio Door Shutters
3. The Graham’s Difference


We ensure all of our shutters are a perfect fit every time by coming to your home and expertly measuring your doorway. And right now, when you purchase any two of our shutters, shades, or blinds, you get the third one absolutely free of charge! Let Graham’s & Son help make your patio doors look amazing today. 

Patio Door Shutters Kitchener

Shutters are a beautiful window covering for any room in your house – but did you know that you can also choose shutters for your patio doors? Shutters are an excellent window covering choice for doors as well, especially since many patio doors are located in the kitchen or another living space. Choosing patio door shutters means that you can match these window coverings to your surrounding windows, creating a complementary look across the whole room. 

Choosing shutters for your patio doors are also a practical solution. Shutters are installed directly on your door, so you won’t have to worry about long drapes or dangling slats getting in the way as you walk by or try to access your doors. Patio door shutters also give you more control over how much light you allow to enter your room. Not only that, but shutters are a classic window covering option and never go out of style, so you won’t feel forced to replace them if you choose to renovate your kitchen, hallway, or other areas of the house where your doors are located.

Wooden Patio Door Shutters

For patio door shutters, wooden shutters are a popular choice. Wooden shutters are a favourite amongst many homeowners because they provide a natural look and feel to any room. Wood shutters are durable, sturdy, and can handle high-traffic areas of your home. This makes them a great choice for patio doors! 

At Graham’s & Son Interiors, you will get only the highest quality shutters for your doors as we work with the best suppliers, such as Maxxmar and Hunter Douglas HERITANCE® Hardwood Shutters, to ensure you only get the very best shutters for your space. Wooden shutters are a great choice for any type of patio door – whether you have a standard size or require specialty shutters for a uniquely sized or shaped doorway.

Many homeowners choose wooden shutters not only because of their natural look and durability but also because they are highly customizable. When it comes to wooden shutters, you can choose from a wide range of colours and styles. As well, if you are an expert do-it-yourselfer, wooden shutters can be painted any colour you choose. 

Vinyl Patio Door Shutters

Vinyl shutters are another popular choice for patio doors. They are sleek, modern, and very easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl shutters are made from a wide range of materials, and some varieties, such as the Newstyle® Hybrid Shutters from Hunter Douglas which are actually made from a combination of composite wood and polypropylene coating. When choosing vinyl shutters, you will have many options that best suit your needs and budget.

Vinyl shutters require less maintenance than wooden shutters and are typically a bit easier to clean. This is because you won’t have to worry about damaging the shutters with water – vinyl is water-resistant. This may also make them a good choice for patio doors that tend to accumulate moisture due to high humidity.

Unlike wooden shutters, however, vinyl is not customizable. Once you choose your vinyl shutters, you will not be able to paint or modify them. This makes it even more important to choose a colour and style that you will be happy with for years to come. If you aren’t sure which ones are right for you, let the experts at Graham’s & Son help!

Patio Door Shutters Kitchener: See The Graham's Difference

Ready to choose new shutters for your patio doors? New window treatments in any area of your home can completely change the look and feel of that space, so we understand that making any large changes such as this one can feel stressful and overwhelming. At Graham’s & Son Interiors, we are committed to helping you have the best experience possible. We are with you through the entire process, from the first consultation to the final installation.

If you purchase from Graham’s & Son, we promise to:

1. Give You a Quote During Our First Visit

Choosing new shutters is a big decision, and we know that you want to make a decision quickly so you can get the process started. That’s why we offer fast, free quotes. We will come to your home, accurately measure your windows or doors, and give you a quote right then and there. We want to ensure the process is simple and smooth right from the beginning, and we don’t want you to wait to see how affordable our shutters are!

2. Professionally Install Your Shutters

At Graham’s & Son, you can trust our team every step of the way. Our expert team members are the ones who will come to take the measurements of your doorway, order the right products, and install your beautiful shutters. Although you may have heard of DIY shutter installation, the process can be quite a hassle. It is best to leave it to the professionals to ensure you get the most out of your new shutters. Our installers have years of experience installing window treatments, and they will always get the job done in a timely and professional manner.

Expert Installation

Valuing High-Quality Service For 40+ Years

3. Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction

At Graham’s & Son, we care about all of our customers, and we have for over 40 years! We value working directly with you, so when you choose to work with Graham’s, you will work directly with us. If you have questions or concerns, you won’t have to worry about being transferred to multiple departments or waiting days at a time for a response. We always do everything in our power to make sure you are happy with all aspects of our service – our reputation and business rely on our customer’s satisfaction!

4. Sell You the Highest Quality Shutters that Are Safe and Easy to Operate

High-quality patio door shutters can last decades. Since they are such a classic option, many homeowners want to ensure their shutters will last a long, long time. When you choose to work with Graham’s, you can rest assured that we only deal with the highest quality custom-manufactured shutters for your doors. We only work with the very best and professional suppliers. This means all of the shutters we offer our customers are only the highest quality and best available. Another great thing about choosing shutters for your doors or windows is that they are a safe option for families with children or pets. There are no dangling strings or cords so they do not pose any type of tripping hazard.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers:

"Matt and his team did the shutters on my new home and a couple of other things including some flooring installation. Not only do the shutters and the flooring look amazing but the team was always professional and courteous and made the process simple and straightforward. Can't say enough about the workmanship from Grahams and Son. Definitely recommend them."

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