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How to Clean California Shutters


How to clean California shutters


Learning how to clean California shutters is easy; they actually require very little maintenance. If you are considering updating your current window treatments to highly durable and aesthetically pleasing California shutters, contact Graham’s and Son today. We will come right to your home for a free, in-home consultation and will answer all of your questions. Find out why California shutters may be the perfect choice for your home.

Did you know that Graham’s & Son will clean, repair, and do alterations on all types of window treatments, including shutters?

How Often Should You Clean California Shutters

Light Cleaning:

A light cleaning of your shutters should be done at least once a week or more often if you have pets that shed their hair or during certain times such as pollen season.

Deep Cleaning:

You should deep clean your shutters at least once a month to keep them looking like brand new.



pets that shed

You will need to clean your shutters more often if you have pets


How to Clean California Shutters

Light Cleaning:

You can do a light cleaning of your shutters either by hand or using your vacuum. The instructions are the same for both wood and vinyl shutters.

By Hand:

  • Fully open up your shutters.
  • Take a clean, dry cloth (one that won’t shed fibres, such as a microfiber cloth) and lightly dust the slats of your shutters.
  • Start at the top and work your way down. If you start at the bottom and work up, then the dust from the upper slats may fall on the ones that you have already dusted below.
  • Work from the centre of each slat, moving towards the sides. Be careful not to press down too hard or you may damage the slats.

Using a Vacuum:

  • Attach the soft brush or upholstery attachment onto your vacuum. If you don’t have an upholstery attachment, you can stretch a nylon stocking over the hose instead.
  • Start at the top of your shutters and slowly work your way down to the bottom.
  • Move from the center of each slat out towards the sides.



To save time, dust your shutters when they are fully closed


Short on Time?

If you want to do an even quicker light cleaning, close your shutters fully and wipe or vacuum both the front and back starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom.

Deep Cleaning

Perform a light cleaning of your shutters to remove any excess dust and debris.

Wood Shutters:

  • Lightly spray a soft toothbrush with furniture polish (if possible, choose a brand that contains beeswax) and gently remove any dirt or debris that is lodged in the corners or in any grooves or crevices in the wood.
  • Quickly wipe off your shutters or go over them again with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Spray the wood again with a generous amount of polish and rub the slats until they are shining. Your wood will thank you, and the shutters will look brand new once again.

Please Remember: Never use water to clean your wood shutters. Too much moisture will damage and warp your wood shutters.



Learn how to make your own beeswax wood polish


Vinyl Shutters:

  • You can also use a soft toothbrush to dislodge dirt or debris from the corners of your vinyl shutters.
  • Unlike wood, vinyl cleans up very well with water. Most dirt on vinyl shutters can be removed by wiping the slats with a damp cloth.
  • For more stubborn dirt and stains, you can mix up a solution of water plus a little dish detergent.
  • If you find that your kitchen shutters are greasy, purchase a cleaning agent that works well on grease. A little baking soda sprinkled on a damp cloth works really well on grease. Once you have wiped the slats with the baking soda, use a clean damp cloth and go over them once more to remove any residue.


kitchen shutters

You can safely clean vinyl shutters with water – Source: Hunter Douglas


Composite Shutters:

Composite shutters can be cleaned using the same technique as vinyl shutters, however, make sure that you completely dry them once you have used water on them.


Additional Tips When You Clean California Shutters

Use a fabric dryer sheet to reduce dust:

Because fabric dryer sheets are anti-static, they are perfect for helping to reduce dust build up on your shutters. Simply close your shutters and gently rub a sheet over the entire surface, both front and back. Doing this from time to time will help to repel dust and will mean that you won’t have to clean your shutters as often.


easy clean duster

A shutter duster tool will quickly clean multiple slats, top and bottom – Source: Microfiber Products


Purchase a shutter duster tool to speed up the cleaning process:

If you want to save even more time cleaning your shutters, there are specially designed shutter dusting tools such as the Easyclean duster that will dust three shutter slats, both top and bottom, at the same time. This tool will even work on blinds. It’s covered with microfiber noodles that are easy to wash and is adjustable so it will work on any size of blind or shutter. It also comes with an extension arm that will help you clean your harder-to-reach windows.




Benefits of Shutters Over Curtains or Other Fabric Window Treatments

Shutters Are a Healthier Alternative:

Shutters are not only a beautifully elegant window treatment but they are also a healthier option than curtains or shades made from man-made fabrics. This is because they do not harbour dust mites or other allergens that can cause allergies.

Shutters Are Easier to Clean:

Unlike curtains or other fabric window treatments, you don’t need to take down your shutters in order to clean them; nor do they need to be professionally cleaned. The process is so much simpler and you don’t have to worry about damaging them during the cleaning process as long as you follow the simple advice given above.



wood shutters - Graber
California shutters are easier to clean than other window treatments – Source: Graber


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