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Window Repair – When To Call The Pros

Graham’s next blog post is all about window repair! In this article, we’ll learn about:

1. Maintaining Your Windows & Preventing Damage

2. Signs That Your Windows Need Repair

3. Tips for Finding a Professional Company to Repair Your Windows

Read on or contact Graham’s to learn more about caring for your windows.

Regular maintenance prevents window repair. Follow our tips below. 

Window Repair Tips

1. Maintaining Your Windows & Preventing Damage

Regularly maintaining your windows is a great way to prevent them from being damaged. Here are some tips to prevent damage to your windows:

Clean Regularly

Keeping windows clean ensures that dust, dirt, and other debris don’t lead to scratches on your windows. Acid rain can also end up causing your window to weaken. Learn more about window cleaning in our article, Window Cleaning – Doing It Right or Bob Vila’s guide, How To Clean Windows


Check your windows every so often to make sure they are working properly. Check items like:

You can also do a walk-around after a storm to make sure none of your windows were damaged in the process. 

Make Room 

You may be wondering what we mean by “make room”. Well, if you have plants or trees growing near your window, they can cause damage, particularly during storms when the wind blows them and knocks the into your windows. Trim plants and trees that may crack or scratch your windows.

Also, keep furniture and other items that could fall away from windows so that you don’t end up with interiorly damaged windows.   


Prevent damage by trimming plants and trees so that they are 2 feet away from windows. (Image Source: Maria Turkmani

Protect Windows

If you live in an area prone to high winds, rain, or snow, you might want to add shutters to protect your windows. Shutters can have both aesthetic and protective functions! Learn more about Storm Shutters here

Following these steps should help keep your windows in good shape for longer and save you money over time. But remember, you can contact a professional company when you need assistance with the maintenance of your windows.

2. Signs That Your Windows Need Repair

There are many reasons why windows may need to be repaired or replaced. Just think, your windows are constantly facing the elements: wind, rain, sun, and freezing temperatures.

It may be time to repair or replace windows if you see the following signs:

Cracked Seals

If you have double-glazed windows, you may notice moisture on the interior of the outer window pane. In this case, the seal is likely broken, is no longer air-tight and will allow the transfer of heat. 


If you see cracks, chips or scratches in the glass of your window, it is weakened and prone to further damage. 

Drafts & Increased Energy Costs

Can you feel or hear air coming in through the frame of your window? If you do, chances are you’ll notice your energy bills going up as well. Save money by repairing or replacing your windows.


Pay attention to windows in moisture-prone rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and basement rooms. (Image Source: Curtis Adams

Weeping Windows

If you are struggling with weeping windows, also known as windows displaying a lot of condensation or frost on the interior of your windows, it is a sign that your windows are in bad shape and need repair.

Windows Not Functioning Properly

If you can’t open or shut your windows properly, chances are your windows are letting air escape or enter your home. Even a broken lock can be a problem because it no longer helps seal your window shut. A window that doesn’t lock also raises security issues. 

Rotting Frames or Mould

If you see that your wooden window frames are rotting, or that mold is building up around your windows or window sills, don’t ignore it. You have to address the source of the problem, which is moisture! Learn more about dealing with mold on a window sill here.  

While we’ve highlighted some signs that your windows are in need or repair or replacement, sometimes windows are damaged in more ways than one. In many cases it is best to contact a professional company to repair or replace windows rather than try to do it yourself. 

grahams truck

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a company and ask for a consultation. You’ll learn a lot about their products and their customer service!

3. Tips for Finding a Professional Company to Repair Your Windows

When choosing a professional company to repair or replace your windows, do your research. Here are some tips to finding a great company to work with like Graham’s & Son Interiors:

Read Reviews 

Reviews give us a good idea of how a company treats customers, what work they specialize in and the satisfaction rate of past clients. To find reviews you can check:

While you’ll want to be on the lookout for red flags, be aware that some reviews are false. Focus mostly on what concerns you.  

You can also check social media sites like Facebook to learn more about a company. 

Reach Out

You can also just talk to a customer representative to get a feel for the company in question. You’ll quickly learn how responsive they are to customers, what products and services they have available and even what promotions they may have going on!

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family about window companies near you. They may have some great recommendations and personal experiences to share. 

Graham’s would be happy to hear from you about your window needs, so don’t be shy! Contact us today for advice.


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