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20 Stunning Kitchen Designs to Inspire Your Renovation

Browse awesome kitchen designs to help inspire your own kitchen renovation. Or, you can learn more from the kitchen renovation experts at Graham’s & Son today!

20 Stunning Kitchen Designs

1. Gorgeous In Grey

This beautiful charcoal grey kitchen is made even better by the dark backsplash and contrasting white marble island. This kitchen may be small, but it definitely does not lack personality, style, or function!

2. Multi-Coloured Shine

These amazing, multi-coloured cabinets will be sure to grab the attention of all your friends and family. This sleek design looks modern and simple – plus creates tons of storage space due to its multi-tiered layout.

3. Adorable Breakfast Nook

When designing your own kitchen, you may want to consider adding in a breakfast nook! This can be especially helpful if your kitchen is not big enough for a full dining room set, or if you prefer your dining room to be the main seating area. A breakfast nook can keep all of your favourite coffee-related items, and will look absolutely adorable in any kitchen design!

4. Simple Symmetry

This eat-in kitchen showcases a wonderful symmetrical design with a combination of many different cabinetry styles all in one! From open shelving to glass cabinet doors, a design like this will allow you to put your favourite kitchen decor on display. The dark floors and table also contrast well with the bright white cabinets. 

5. 17th Century Traditional

Although modern kitchens have generally taken over in the last few years, many homeowners still prefer a traditional or classic kitchen design in their home. From Elle Decor: “In a charming Paris apartment, an open-concept kitchen and dining area is outfitted with 17th-century French chairs, a Napoleon III chandelier, along with a backsplash featuring 18th-century Portuguese tile. “

If you prefer a more classic or traditional look, don’t be afraid to incorporate elements like the ones shown above to make sure you get the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of. 

6. Open Concept Space

Open concept kitchen designs will make your entire house feel more spacious, no matter what size it actually is! This awesome kitchen combines modern elements, such as the sleek island, with rustic charm, such as the rough wooden flooring. This wonderful design shows that you don’t have to pick one design element – you can choose to mix and match! 

7. Matching Backsplash & Island

Create a cohesive kitchen design by matching your backsplash with your island and cabinet countertops! This design shows how a little can go a long way. This kitchen uses simple white subway tiles for most of the backsplash, but incorporates a marble section above the stove. This design ties everything together and helps the countertops stand out even more!

8. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With Shiplap

Shiplap is the perfect design tool if you are going for a rustic or farmhouse kitchen look. This beautiful, simple farmhouse kitchen uses shiplap to create an accent wall. The shiplap wall creates a stylish backdrop for the large wooden range. 

9. Cozy and Chic

You can still feel good about your kitchen remodel or renovation even if you have a smaller space to work with. This small kitchen shows that you can make your kitchen feel ultra-cozy yet chic at the same time by incorporating bold colours, patterned backsplashes, and stand-out appliances. A small, cozy kitchen gives you the opportunity to use high-impact and high-end materials and products, since you won’t need to purchase a lot of materials to finish a small space!

10. Retro Rounded Cabinets

Looking for something a little bit different? Then this kitchen design is definitely for you! It comes a modern feel with a classic retro vibe. Everything goes together perfectly – the cabinetry and countertops look like they were custom-designed to match the furniture. The rounded cabinetry really plays into the retro vibe. For a pop of colour, the tiled backsplash does the perfect job, and the large, charcoal tiles keep the kitchen from looking too bland. 

11. Modern Open Shelving

When it comes to kitchen designs this year, open shelving is quite popular. This ultra-modern kitchen takes open shelving to the next level, by incorporating an entire wall dedicated to open shelves! Help your open shelves stand out like these by painting the wall a bold and bright colour. You’ll be show to ‘wow’ your guests. Plus, open shelves don’t have to be expensive! You can get a ‘low’ option that looks just like the higher-end version at many home decor stores.

12. Dark Cabinets

Love the look of black cabinets, but scared to go dark? This awesome kitchen design shows that it’s totally possible to include dark cabinets without making your whole room look dark. These cabinets look amazing with the black window frames and contrast well with the white countertops and light wooden floors and table top. 

13. Mixed Materials

Can’t decide what materials you like best? Don’t be afraid to mix materials when it comes to your own kitchen! Kitchen designs this year are mixing lots of materials and metals. In this kitchen, you can see the marble counters, the sleek cabinetry, the wooden cabinets, and the various metals used for the faucet, lighting, appliances, and more! 

14. Compact and Contemporary

If a unique, contemporary kitchen is your kitchen design goal, then you will absolutely love this look! Not a hint of white to be seen, this kitchen plays with natural tones and colours to create a small but fully functional kitchen space. With a large sink, a stovetop, a pull-out island bar, and multiple cooking spaces, you’ll easily be able to make the most of a small space with a design like this!

15. High-Gloss Everything

Matte is in this year – but so is high-gloss! Both of these kitchen designs have something unique to offer, and if you prefer a little shine in your kitchen, you may want to incorporate high-gloss elements into your own kitchen. Glossy finishes look futuristic, modern, and bright – plus, they’re super easy to clean. 

High-gloss can also look a bit sterile – so HGTV recommends warming up the space with pottery, plants or even putting some books on display. If you work with the professionals to get the kitchen you want, they can also help you choose the right materials to ensure your kitchen looks well put together and fits your unique wants and needs.

16. Magical Forest Feel

Want your kitchen to feel like Christmas all year ’round? This awesome kitchen design incorporates tons of natural elements like fresh plants, flowers, and various woods to create a rustic, forest feel. If this is a bit much for you but you like the idea, consider slowly adding more natural pieces like potted or hanging plants – you’ll still get a natural look in your kitchen without it feeling like an actual forest!

17. Irregular Shapes

If your kitchen has an irregular shape, lots of large windows, or another design element you find hard to work with – fear not! Kitchen designs like the one shown above prove that you can have a perfectly functional and attractive kitchen even if yours doesn’t fit the standard. Embrace those large windows and make them a statement piece by choosing simple window treatments or sheer curtains. Place upper cabinets where possible, but primarily make use of lower cabinets and counter space.  

18. Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to make your kitchen a bit more bright and functional when you’re preparing food. Under cabinet lighting not only looks good, but also helps keep you safer – ensure you always see exactly what you’re doing when chopping food with lights that shine directly on your cutting board. 

19. Stand-Out Backsplash

Whether you prefer a more traditional kitchen or an ultra-modern design, the backsplash you choose can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen! To make a bold statement, choose a stand-out backsplash. Consider mixing patterns or materials (as shown above) to create a unique look that’s perfect for you!

20. Exceptional Storage Solutions

Tired of running out of storage space in your kitchen? When remodelling or renovating your kitchen, consider free wall space that you could incorporate new storage solutions. This custom wall unit is built surrounding the large kitchen window, and makes a perfect place to store extra kitchen items, and to put your favourites on display!

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