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Why You Need A Home Window Automation System



Why You Need A Home Window Automation System – Window automation systems can be a great addition to your existing smart home, or as a stand-alone automation system in your house. Whether you want to automate your entire house or just prefer the convenience of window treatments you don’t have to worry about, a home window automation system is a great choice for many households. They are convenient, energy efficient, child safe, easy to use, and help increase your privacy. To learn more about these benefits and more, continue reading below. Or, you can contact the window treatment experts at Graham’s & Son now to find out about getting window treatment automation for your home!  


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Why You Need A Home Window Automation System

A home window automation system is any system that includes motorized or automated window treatments. Automated window treatments can be blinds, shades, and even curtains or other styles! If you’re not sure if automated window treatments are right for you, continue reading below to learn why you and your home could benefit from them. 


1. Window Automation is Convenient – And It Helps Protect Your Home!


Automated window treatments can protect your home against burglaries


Imagine walking into your home after a long day of work, and your blinds are already open with all that summer sun shining through. When you left the house, you closed all of your blinds to help keep the heat out. But now, without any effort on your part, they’re open! Or, on a cold winter day, you leave your blinds open to let your home soak in as much sunlight as possible. But when you get home in the dark, all the blinds are already closed for you. 

Window automation is more than just putting a motor on your blinds. Automated window treatments can come with timers and remote controlled settings (that you can adjust from a smart device), so you can set your blinds or other window treatments to open and close when you want – without even being at home!  

With this in mind, window automation is not only a convenient choice for you and your home, but it also helps protect your home. When your blinds are set to open and close when you’re not home, it makes it appear as if someone is there. This can actually help deter burglars from targetting your home when you are away at work or on vacation. 


2. Window Automation Helps Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Without automation, you may lose out on the sun’s heating ability during cold winter months


As we mentioned above, automating your window treatments can help you take advantage of the sunlight while you’re home, but block it out during the day. By automating your window treatments, you don’t have to constantly think about whether or not your blinds should be open or closed to maximize your energy savings.

For example, in the summer, sunlight pouring into your home all day can heat up your home and make your A/C run more often. Or, if you forget to open your blinds during a cold winter morning, then you won’t benefit from the natural heating the sun can provide. That means your furnace may run excessively. It may not seem like it, but all of this can also impact your energy bill. And it can have a big impact!

We often forget just how much natural heating from the sun can impact our home. However, when you choose to strategically keep your window treatments open (or closed), this can greatly impact your home. According to




Window automation helps you take advantage of the sun’s heating ability – or protect against it – depending on the time of year. In Ontario, summers can get hot, often reaching 30 C or higher on the hottest days. In the winter, we often see the opposite, with temperatures as low as -30 C or more with the wind chill. Setting your blinds on a timer can ensure you don’t lose heat and don’t overheat your home, which will result in more savings on your monthly bill. 


3. Automated Window Treatments Help Increase Your Privacy


With automated treatments, you don’t have to worry about when to open or close your blinds!


Automated window treatments help to increase your privacy while at home. How many times have you walked into your bedroom or bathroom at night, turned on the lights, and realized your blinds were wide open – allowing the entire street to look into your home? This can happen regularly, especially in the winter when it gets dark earlier in the day! 

With an automated window treatment system in your home, you get more privacy than ever before. Even if your treatments are not set on a timer, you can control them from outside of the room before you enter it. If you forgot to close your bedroom blinds earlier in the day, you can hit a button and close them before you turn on the lights.

This is ideal for homeowners who live on busy streets or in suburbs, condos, or townhomes – where even just a few seconds of light in your room while it’s dark outside can leave you vulnerable to dozens of onlookers. Automated window treatments are great for any room in the house, but if you are in need or more privacy sooner than later, consider adding them to bedrooms and bathrooms first.



4. Automating Your Window Treatments Helps Keep Children Safe


Automated blinds use smart devices to function and have no dangling cords or strings


When was the last time you thought about blind cords? The thought probably doesn’t enter your mind very often! Most traditional Venetian blinds and other popular window treatments come with dangling cords and strings to help you draw your blinds. Although homeowners generally don’t even think twice about these components of popular blinds, they can pose a serious safety risk to children and even pets. 

Even with supervision, blind cords can cause injury within minutes. Simply leaving a child unattended in a room to step out and grab a snack is enough time for an accident to occur. A study outlined in a 2017 USA Today article found that every day, two children are sent to the emergency room due to blind cord injuries. Many people don’t realize just how dangerous blind cords can be. 


“Many parents believe that they can keep their children from harm if they watch them carefully, but many blind related injuries
happen within minutes, Gary Smith, MD, senior author of the study and director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy
at Nationwide Children’s Hospital said in a statement.”
– Mary Bowerman, USA Today


Automated window treatments don’t have any dangling cords or strings – they don’t need them! Everything is controlled with a remote or with your smart device. Because of that, automated window treatment systems are perfect for households with children and even pets – both cats and dogs have been known to get tangled in blind cords.


5. Automated Window Treatments Are Simple and Easy To Use

Some homeowners may be hesitant to move to window treatment automation as they worry about ease of use.  Transitioning to any type of new technology may feel intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! Automated window treatments are known for being simple and easy to use, whether you need to integrate them into your existing smart home or simply want the convenience of automation on its own. 

Still not convinced of how easy automation can be? Check out the video below by Graber Blinds that shows Somfy motorized shades in action! 



If you are still feeling hesitant about integrating new technology into your home, you can also work with the window treatment professionals to help you find an automation option that you feel comfortable using and works well with you, your home, and your family. The professionals can also help you pick a great option that works well with your existing smart home system if you have one. 


Home Window Automation System – Complete Your Smart Home!


A few simple steps to beginning your smart home


Many homeowners are now seeing the convenience and benefits of a smart home system. Smart home systems often including the following smart technology: 

  • Automated window treatments
  • Automated lighting
  • Smart plugs (allow you to remotely switch off and on any device plugged in)
  • Smart thermostat 
  • Alexa/Google Home/other smart systems 

If you are building upon your current smart home system, window treatment automation should be your next step. Window automation is often one of the first things that homeowners choose to add to their smart home system, because of their convenience and ease of use. It’s a good way to ‘start slow’ if you aren’t sure how you feel about integrating so much new technology into your home!





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