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5 Benefits of Window Treatment Automation

Automating your window treatments allows you to control your blinds or window coverings from anywhere in your home, with a simple click on your smartphone. The top 5 benefits of window treatment automation include: keeping your family safer, increasing convenience, creating a greener home, offering privacy, and even augmenting your home’s value. To learn more about your window treatment options, contact the experts at Graham’s & Son today! 


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5 Benefits of Window Treatment Automation

Automated blinds can be easily controlled with most smart devices


Automated window treatments work by installing a smart motor to your blinds or window coverings, and then controlling your blinds with your smart device, such as a smartphone. Automated blinds and window treatments can be a practical and fun addition to your home – and help you move towards having a smart home! Learn about all the benefits below. 


1. Keeps Your Family Safer

Blind cords can cause serious injury in just a matter of seconds


With automated window treatments, you no longer have to worry about dangling cords and strings. Unfortunately, blind cords can cause injury and even death if children or pets become tangled in them. Pets, especially cats, have the tendency to become tangled in cords. However, they can pose risks for both dogs and cats, especially if they are left home alone while you’re out or at work.

However, children are at even greater risk for blind cord injury than pets. According to USA Today, every day two children are sent to the ER due to blind cord-related injuries. Even with supervision, a blind cord related injury can happen in seconds and become deadly quicker than you may think. Automated blinds ensure that your children and pets stay safer in the home, making them ideal for all areas of the house, but especially living rooms and children’s bedrooms. 


2. Increased Convenience

You can control your automated blinds from anywhere with your smart device


Imagine being able to control your blinds from anywhere! Automated blinds allow you to have full control over the blinds in your home. This means that you can close or open your blinds before you even get home from work. If you prefer having the blinds closed while you’re at work, you can open all of your automated blinds just as you arrive home. 

You also no longer have to worry about reaching and stretching to close or open the blinds or other window coverings that cover the higher windows in your home. Instead of just leaving them either open or closed because you can’t reach properly or just don’t feel like grabbing the step ladder, you now have full control over your privacy and how much light you want to enter your home without sacrificing your back! 

Not only that, but if you are just feeling exhausted after a long day at work or watching the kids all day, you don’t even have to get up off your couch or the bed to control your blinds. It may be one simple thing – but as they say, it is the little things in life! 


3. Helps Create a Greener Home

With automated blinds, you can easily keep blinds open when you’re home – and closed when you’re not


Automated blinds help you live a more environmentally friendly and sustainable life. But how? Although most of us love having sunlight come through all day long, that all that sunlight produces a lot of heat – and can end up costing you more on your energy bill, especially during the hottest summer months.

When you have full control over your window treatments, you can easily ensure that your blinds are open or closed during the best times of the day. If you aren’t at home for a few hours, you can quickly close all of your motorized blinds at the same time to help keep out extra light. If you aren’t home, there’s no need to have that sunlight come through!

According to, 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through your windows. On top of that, about 76% of the sunlight that hits the average window becomes heat in your home. Automated window treatments help reduce this number. There are also many other ways to create a greener, more energy efficient home – click here to learn more!


4. Increases Privacy

Automated window treatments can be especially useful in bathrooms and bedrooms


Having full control over your window treatments also means that you have full control over your privacy. You can close your blinds before you even enter the room! Anyone who has ever had close-by neighbours will know this scenario – You walk into a dark room, turn on the light, and you and your neighbours can instantly see each other through your facing windows!

You can eliminate this generally uncomfortable situation with automated blinds and window treatments! This can come in especially handy for bathrooms and bedrooms, where you may not want your neighbours to be able to easily peer in. You can close your blinds from outside the room, so when you do turn on the lights, you won’t have to run to the windows to close the blinds. 


5. Increases Your Home’s Value

Motorized blinds make your home greener and more functional, which can increase its value


As more and more homeowners see the value in environmental sustainability and green living, all types of green features help increase your home’s value – and automated blinds are no exception. Because automated window coverings help reduce your energy bill and increase your home’s efficiency, they are often seen as a great selling feature. 

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, it’s always nice to know that anything you add can help increase its value if you do choose to move one day. Aside from the energy saving value, automated blinds are simply a convenient feature that many homeowners would like to have. Because of that, as a feature alone, it is often a sought-after extra due to all the other benefits that come with them, including safety and privacy. 



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