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8 Beautiful Ideas for Traditional Bathrooms

One of the most popular bathroom styles we see at Graham’s is traditional bathrooms. In this blog, we will highlight 8 different features you might find in traditional farmhouse-style bathrooms. 

  1. Farmhouse Sinks
  2. Wall Sconces
  3. Claw-Foot Tubs
  4. Country Wood Panels / Shiplap
  5. Knotty Pine
  6. Exposed Wooden Beams
  7. Antiques
  8. Vaulted Ceilings

Read on or ask Graham’s to renovate your bathroom today! Or, if you’re still deciding about bathroom renovations, consider reading our blog post, Bath Renovations – Tips & Recommendations.

From wooden mirror frames to claw-foot tubs, there are plenty of farmhouse features for traditional bathrooms.

Farmhouse Features for Traditional Bathrooms


Before we look at the features that create the traditional farmhouse bathroom, let’s review the warm and inviting features that create the look of a traditional bathroom in general:

  • Millwork
  • Neutral colours
  • Symmetry
  • Wall sconces 
  • Warm wood furniture or décor
With that in mind, now let’s turn our attention to some more specific examples. 

1. Farmhouse Sinks


This photo has a few features in it that create a farmhouse style, such as:

  • Tulip-shaded sconces
  • Wood stands
  • Woven baskets
  • Medicine cabinet with distressed finishes
  • Neutral colours

However, the main farmhouse features are the farmhouse sinks! Deep and wide, these sinks are perfect for making a splash!

Farmhouse Bathroom-BHG

2. Wall Sconces


In this blog, you’ll notice wall sconces in many of our feature photos. While not the feature element in this bathroom, we are pointing it out because they are a common theme in traditional bathrooms.

You can add different shades in different colours, but light and neutral-coloured shades are ideal. Or, get a real rustic look with industrial sconces.

And how could we not point out this fabulous, vintage-looking copper tub? You could pair it with other casual or fancy furnishings. 


3. Claw-Foot Tubs


Super elegant, this luxurious bathroom features upscale traditional bathroom features such as:

  • Wall sconces with matching chandelier

  • Warm wood 

  • Metal detailing

  • Symmetrical mirrors and framed art

But, like our previous photo, the main farmhouse feature here is the knock-out claw-foot tub in burnished metal!


4. Country Wood Panels / Shiplap


What makes this traditional bathroom suit the farmhouse style is the country wood paneling. You can also get this look with shiplap

The floor tiling also creates that country feel and provides some nice contrast with the soft blue and white. 

The tiling also coordinates with the vanity top, adding to the complexity of this design. 

We imagine a white wooden-framed mirror above this vanity, too!


5. Knotty Pine


This bathroom just screams country charm with its cheerful bouquet of yellow flowers on the windowsill and its cute patterned curtain! 

However, the main farmhouse feature we want to point out here is the use of knotty pine. 

You can see that the natural wood shelf and mirror frame have been whitewashed. It looks traditional yet slightly contemporary.

The open-concept shelving also creates that country feel, and you can see everything you need daily access to.

Perhaps you could add a wall sconce here in this bathroom – and don’t forget about the possibility of new flooring to match!

Farmhouse Bathroom2-BHG-PhotoRoom

6. Exposed Wooden Beams


Wood, wood and more wood!  Traditional bathrooms love those warm wood tones! The main farmhouse feature here is the use of wood, particularly the exposed wooden beams above which are absolutely stunning!

Other features that create a traditional bathroom style are:

  • Symmetrical mirrors
  • Wall sconces
  • Neutral colours

This bathroom could also be categorized as modern because of the vanity’s angular legs. 

Wood Beams Farmhouse Bathroom-Kallista

7. Antiques


If you want to create a traditional bathroom with that farmhouse feel, think of adding antique furnishings. In this example, you see that an antique wooden bench has been included. The proportions of this 3-seater bench are symmetrical to the 3 framed pieces of artwork above. We love it!

The vintage feel is also created with the:

  • Claw-foot tub
  • Wood flooring
  • Exposed brick

Keep in mind that you can personalize any upholstery in your bathroom – imagine how you could put your own spin on this bench cushion. 


8. Vaulted Ceilings


Earlier we showed a picture of a bathroom with exposed wooden beams. While the wooden beams created that farmhouse feel, high ceilings can create the same effect.

While this picture is an oldie, it’s still a goldie because it shows a high vaulted ceiling with large windows.

If you have an airy, open-concept bathroom with a high ceiling, consider adding other farmhouse features as you see here: 

  • Warm wood vanities with curved legs
  • Symmetrically placed mirrors and wall sconces 
  • A big, soaker tub

This traditional bathroom has just a hint of farmhouse without being out of place in modern homes. 

Traditional Bathroom - BHG

Graham's & Son Interiors


We hope you’ve been inspired by all of these options for traditional bathrooms. Whether you want one of the farmhouse features we highlighted in this article installed in your traditional bathroom or you have something else in mind, Graham’s can help! And if the traditional style isn’t one you love personally, see our article 8 Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Ideas

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