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Cool Tips for Flooring Protection in Winter


Flooring Protection in Winter



The cold, inclement weather is on its way so we’ve put together some cool tips for flooring protection in winter to help save your precious floors from the coming onslaught of snow, sleet, and salt. If your flooring has seen better days and you are thinking of replacing some or all of it, contact the flooring professionals at Graham’s & Son today to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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Flooring Protection in Winter

Winter can be hard on your floors, not only because of the salt, snow, and water brought inside on winter footwear, but also because of the changes in temperature. Don’t worry though, there are many helpful tricks that you can implement in order to preserve your hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet.




remove your boots in the house

Start training your children at a young age to always remove their footwear at the door


Tip #1: Train Everyone in Your Household to Remove Their Shoes at the Door

I know that it is the custom in Canada to remove your footwear as soon as you enter a house, however, sometimes you may need to remind certain members of your household to follow this practice. Start training your children from a young age to always take off their shoes, no matter what the time of year, so that they will already be in the habit when it really counts during the winter months. Even your spouse may need a gentle reminder from time to time.



dog in the snow

Don’t forget to wipe off your dog’s feet before he tracks snow throughout your home



Tip #2: Keep a Towel Near the Entrance to Wipe Off Your Furry Friend’s Feet

They may be lovable, but pets can make a mess of your flooring. Don’t forget about the snow, salt and water that they can also track in from outside. It is a good idea to keep a towel near the door where they come into your house to wipe off their paws before they have the chance to track all through your house. Try to train your pet to wait on the mat until you are finished cleaning them. If they have been for a walk on a leash, keep the leash on them to prevent them from wandering off. This may be possible if you have a dog, but if your cat goes outside, you will have to be pretty fast to catch them.



shoe rack

Purchase a large multi-tiered shoe rack, large enough to hold everyone’s shoes – Source: Wayfair


Tip #3: Have a Shoe Rack at Your Front Entrance for Your Family and Guests

The number of shoes at your front entrance can become overwhelming and a tripping hazard as well, especially when you have a number of guests over. It’s a great idea to invest in a large tiered shoe rack to help keep all of the extra footwear organized and tidy. Place a drainage mat underneath the rack to catch any stray drips and protect your flooring.



winter boots

Ask everyone in your household to stomp off as much snow as possible outside before entering your home



Tip #4: Purchase Mats for Both Inside and Outside Your Entrances

Having mats placed both inside and outside of all of your entrances, including the back door and garage, will go a long way to saving your flooring. An outside mat will allow everyone to stomp off as much snow as possible before they even enter your home. The inside mat can be used to catch the remaining snow. This double process will cut down on the amount of snow that comes into your home and eventually turns to liquid.



plastic boot tray

Make sure your plastic boot tray doesn’t stop you from opening your door – Source: Amazon


Tip #5: Purchase Large, Good Quality, Non-Rubber or Foam-Backed Mats

The type and size of mats that you purchase will make a difference to your flooring. If the mat is too small, people will be forced to step off of it, especially when multiple people are entering at the same time. Purchase a mat that is large enough to comfortably accommodate a group of people and give them sufficient space to remove their footwear at the same time.

Avoid purchasing a petroleum-based, rubber-backed, foam-backed, or non-ventilated rug as it may discolour your floor, especially if it is hardwood. A plastic boot tray works well, however, you have to make sure that the edges are not too high that they will prevent you from opening or closing your door.



vacuum your carpeting regularly

Vacuum your carpeting regularly to help protect its fibres


Tip #6: Clean Your Floors Regularly

It is amazing how much dirt will be tracked in with snow. It is important to regularly sweep, dust, or vacuum up this dirt to prevent it from being tracked in over your flooring, thus scratching or dulling the surfaces of hardwood, tile, and laminate or damaging the fibres in your carpeting.



Wireless weather station to monitor temperature and humidity levels from Amazon

Use a wireless weather station to monitor temperature and humidity levels – Source: Amazon


Tip #7: Control the Humidity and Temperature Levels in Your Home to Prevent Flooring Gaps

The winter brings with it much drier air. This dry air can cause your hardwood flooring to shrink and cause separation or gaps between the boards. Most of these gaps will fill in again once the weather warms up and the air becomes moist again. However, if you want to minimize the gaps, try to keep the humidity levels in your home to between 30% and 50% and the temperature between 16C and 27C.  You can purchase wireless weather stations that will monitor the humidity levels in your home for you.

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flooring protection in winter

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